IntelliStage Portable Stage Platform

  • All platforms are supported by strong collapsible risers that can support up to 185 lbs./square foot.
  • Finished professional look with durable TuffCoat.
  • Multiple configurations are possible (not all configurations are illustrated).
  • Configuration illustrations are for informational purposes only and do not represent the actual stage.
  • If using outdoors, tent (or other waterproof covering) needs to be 4' past stage on all sides.
    • NOTE: You the renter are responsible for purchasing replacement sections that get damaged by water and/or weather @ a rate of $47.50 per 4' x 4' section

OPTIONAL: Delivery, set-up and teardown services within Cheyenne city limits for an additional fee:

  • 9 deck rental and under - $150
  • Rental size larger than 9 decks - $200

Please note: Rental rates listed below in pictures are for self-pick up and drop off at our shop.