Dancing On the Clouds

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Dancing On the Clouds

Romantic yet whimsical.


Picture perfect.

However, you want to describe it, dancing on the clouds will always add that dreamy fun element to your dance floor.

With Dancing On the Clouds, your dance floor will transform into a truly unique scene. This looks exactly like something from a romantic movie. This incredible special effect will undoubtedly create a picturesque backdrop for your first dance. Adding a beautiful touch of elegance to all of your first-dance photos.

HOW IT WORKS: As you take the dance floor for the very first time as a married couple, the floor will fill with enchanting "clouds". The clouds will look thick and raise 12-18" from the floor. To enhance this beautiful moment even more, we will add lighting to the dance floor and/or place a spotlight on the couple and dance floor.

IS IT SAFE? Yes! We create this magical effect by using dry ice so it is 100% residue free. Our "dancing on the clouds" effect is perfectly safe and you don't have to worry about setting of any alarms or ruining your dress or shoes.