Perfect Lighting Sets the Mood

Don't let the standard fluorescent lighting of your event location ruin the mood of your celebration! ROW Productions specializes in using state-of-the-art LED lighting and luminaries to transform your indoor reception area into a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience.


We can tailor our lighting to work in nearly all venues, including ballrooms, tents, metal buildings, even gymnasiums. Our equipment is neatly stored and well hidden so guests will notice the atmosphere and not the wires.

At ROW Productions, we understand that one of the most important moments of your event is when your guests first arrive. That first impression is crucial to setting the tone of the event and getting guests excited and comfortable. Color changes and Monogram Gobo Lighting throughout your event will add texture, soft light, and sophistication. Let our professionals consult with you to create that custom look that will turn an ordinary room into an enchanting space!


Give your event a personalized, classic look with custom Gobo lighting: an image of the bride & groom's names, initials, or special image that is projected onto the dance floor or wall of the reception room. A dance floor monogram creates a lovely focal point which guests will gravitate toward while dancing.

The layout of the reception room will usually determine whether the Monogram Gobo Lighting is better suited for wall or floor projection. If there is a large open space for dancing with tables set away from the dance floor, this is ideal for floors. If there is carpet, a small dance floor, or lots of tables blocking the view of the dance floor, wall projection would have a better effect.

Reserve your Monogram Gobo Lighting today!

Make sure to reserve your custom Gobo lighting at least three weeks prior to your event date.
Artwork, fabrication, and equipment setup are all included in a one-time fee. After your reception, you will receive your Gobo lighting artwork as a memento of your special day.